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“Lipstick Mindfuck” Video

Hey subordinates~

Most of the files I make will not be posted here, because Wallet Domme is the bitch who doesn’t care, and I put thought and effort into my erotic downloads. However, if something I create fits the topic matter of financial domination and humiliation, then I will sometimes post it on this site as well as my billions of Goddess Lycia-centered sites. So here is the info on my latest financial domination fetish clip, “Lipstick Mindfuck.” It’s ridiculously hot; diddle to it NOW.

Lipstick Mindfuck

Now I love you, now I don’t! You love when a beautiful woman is sweet and flirtatious one minute, and then a cruel and heartless bitch the next. It fucks with your head and makes your cock *so hard.* I just adore fucking with your mind and your emotions, teasing you with my glossy red lips, drawing you closer with my beauty and allure, and then breaking your heart into pieces when I insult what a disgusting fucking pervert I truly think you are, and remind you that I’m really just using you for your money *kiss* 10:41 mins. for $14.99

Includes: financial domination, lipstick fetish, kissies, mind fucking, flirting, teasing, humiliation, mixed messages, blonde fetish, glamorous femdomme

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