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Financial Fetish with cummie panty face

Yes, that is his name, but I call him “cummie,” for short. cummie is addicted to my lipstick fetish clips and to the sexy, dominant things I say. cummie finds himself diddling and exploring new fantasies and fetishes whenever he is in my presence in some way (including through audio, video, and even tweets). Once he is under my spell, he is compelled to tribute over and over again. He feels weaker, more helpless, and more slutty every time he sends another hundred. cummie has a huge crush on me. I like to tease him with the lipstick fetish and treat him like a little brainwashed bitch. I am the blonde sexual Goddess of his dreams, and he just can’t help but to let himself fall under my erotic spell. He is lucky to serve me and contribute to my lifestyle of luxury and leisure. *kiss*

He sent $600 of that tonight, after viewing my newest lipstick fetish clip, “Lipstick Brainwash.”

We interacted publicly on twitter as he sent tributes. I love how the conversation ended (read from bottom to top):

And now, I’m on to take some more from another horny, adoring submissive! I love how easy you boys are!

financial domination of a chastity sissy

sissy jasmine opened $300 worth of PTV mails just to read me telling her to unlock her clitty from chastity and quickly lock it back up again before cumming. Lucky sissy finally got permission for full release after paying a full $500. Welcome to the 500 Club, jas!


Financial Domination with a Humiliation Junkie

money mistress

rinsing a humiliation junkie

It was lots of fun to hypnotize, mind fuck, and humiliate this CHICKEN DONKEY who has a HUGE crush on me. I manipulated him into spending nearly a grand to read my e-mails while he diddled his very small penis with two fingers.

During our little e-mail session, he said such things as “I can only get hard now from being humiliated for some reason. I am a humiliation chicken weirdo bawk bawk!!!” and “Yes Goddess I’m a donkey hee haw hee haw I need to make squirties.”

TOTALLY WEIRD, like a circus sideshow about perverted weirdos.

I, for one, was amused.


Methods of Tributing your Findomme

Hello, Mine Bitches! I want to let you know most of the tribute options I have available to all you eager money slaves. Lucky for you, I accept tributes from anyone who hasn’t pissed me off enough to be forever banned from my life. I also accept tributes of all different amounts, so regardless of whether you bag groceries, mop floors, design software, own businesses, or represent the rich and famous in a court of law, you can be MY money slave. It doesn’t matter to me if you are rich, poor, or anything in between. You can be black, white, yellow, red, or blue; married, single, or dating; male, female, or transgender; old or young; fat or skinny- -whatever it is you are and however you might identify, I will gladly accept your money and gifts! So feel happy that you fit in to this group of people, who are privileged in that they have discovered the Ultimate Goddess and understand their place in this world.

So let me list the ones that come to mind.

To my PO Box (address will be given privately):

American dollars – I love receiving actual cash in the mail. If you send me cash, though, you must insure it at the post office. This will cost you extra money to do, but it is worth it if you like to know that the same money that was in your hands will be in mine, and to make sure it gets to me safely.
Prepaid credit cards – I am not sure how common these are in other countries, but in the US, prepaid credit cards are for sale at nearly every grocery store and drug store. Really good choice for those who want to be extra discrete. You can buy them with cash and send for my spending pleasure.
Money order – I like these because I trust them.

E-certs (e-mail gift certificates – send to admin@walletdomme.com):

Amazon.com – I LOVE Amazon. They sell practically everything there is to buy. I have received thousands of items from Amazon over the years, including (but not limited to) clothing, lingerie, makeup, bath products, perfume, jewelry, gloves, boots, heels, hosiery, and furniture.

ETSY – My dream literally came true when Etsy came out with their e-cert option. Etsy is a place to buy handmade items and vintage items, such as accessories and jewelry. The items are all so unique, because they are either handmade by independent, small businesses, or because they are hard-to-find vintage items.

American Airlines – Goddess *loves* to travel. I live in America, but I have travelled to Italy, France, England, Belgium , the Netherlands, Mexico, and Canada. I also take yearly trips to Hawaii, and love to travel within the United States.

ModCloth – Some of the most awesome clothing and accessories available online for a woman who likes quality, unique fashion.

Shabby Rose Boutique – Gorgeous pastel, Victorian-style, romantic items for the home.

Tribute through Niteflirt:


Those are the payment amounts I’ve custom-set, but you can also just go to my profile and click “Pay a Tribute” on the left side, and choose any amount you like. If you use the buttons I made, you can even leave a 5-star, written feedback for me, which I always appreciate.

I am open to other options; I enjoy experimenting with tribute methods. And the more ways I might extract funds from you, the better. Just please refrain from sending me gift certificates to places I never specified wanting them from, or material gifts that I never specified wanting. Send an e-mail to me at admin@walletdomme.com if you want to discuss other options or methods!

Hope this information helps you get money and gifts to me right away (now) and often (at least once per week).

Talk soon!

Wallet Domme