Money Slave Tiers

I used to have a “300 Club,” which meant that only the boyz who tributed at least $300 in one day would be mentioned on my blog. Well, now there are so many 300 Club members, that I really don’t care to post each and every one of them. And besides, $300 from one slave in one day isn’t much anymore. The more I make, the more I want, and as I become more intelligent, beautiful, manipulative, and greedy, the more I naturally excel at financial domination.

So now I have a “500 Club” and a “1000 Club.” Of course, I am not going to go back through all my financial domination folders and post every screenshot, photo and video clip that contained over $500 in tributes. Besides, several of those tributes have been mentioned on my other journals before. Just know that from now on, your money and gift card tributes won’t be mentioned on any of my blogs unless they are over $500 in a period of one day.

And why should you care if I mention your tribute in any of my journals? If you have to ask that, you probably do not belong here. The reason you should care, STUPID, is because I am a GODDESS, and your reason for existing is to make my life better. I share so much beauty with the world via the internet. My taste in art and fashion, music and movies, literature and cultural iconography is supreme. My imaginative erotic mind, shown through my articles, photographs, fetish video clips, erotic hypnosis scripts, graphic design, and studio art is available for the world to experience. And part of what makes it possible for me to alter and enhance the world’s perception of sexual beauty is financial domination. The money you send to me is something to take PRIDE in. Your generous service allows me to blossom as an artist and erotic being, and I pay it forward through my mere existence.

I am on my way to the salon now, to enhance my beauty with the money sent from my latest 500 Club member:

Call me later and we’ll play.


Financial Domination

Hello, wallets!

I am Goddess Lycia, a well-known Hypnodomme, Humiliatrix, Fetish Queen, and Money Mistress who has been warping minds and draining wallets since 2002. My Wallet Domme website and Niteflirt listings were created in May of 2013 as an outlet exclusively for my emotionally sadistic, money-hungry BITCH side. Although I am one of the top Femdom hypnotists online, my hypno fans will NOT get their trance fix here. Wallet Domme cares only about how to extract as much money from you as possible while laughing at what a horny little pathetic diddler you are. It feels SO LIBERATING to be able to express myself as ruthlessly selfish, greedy, cold-hearted, and MEAN as I like. Wallet Domme has ZERO concern for your level of comfort or sexual arousal! This is about my love for financial domination and my getting even more rich while you SUFFER. If you want someone who gives a crap about providing a service, visit my Goddess Lycia site and call my Goddess Lycia Niteflirt listings. You can also visit my financial domination and lipstick fetish themed website, Lipstick Domme, if you want to see how I behave when I am not a completely brutal, gold-digging CUNT.

However, WALLET DOMME IS All ABOUT ME. And WOW it feels good. I will be logged on to these lines more than any of my other Femdom phone lines. It doesn’t matter if I am traveling, with other people, or in a crappy mood. Because I am never logged on to my Wallet Domme lines for YOU. You will call out of your need to be of service to ME, period.

There are SO many things I plan to spend your money on. For one, I LOVE to travel. I have been all over the USA, and have also vacationed in France, Italy, England, the Netherlands, Belgium, Canada, and Mexico. I take yearly vacations to Hawaii, and plan to make those vacations semi-annual, until I eventually live there full time. I intend to revisit France, Italy, and England, and will absolutely visit several other European countries. I also plan to explore Asia (particularly Japan, China. Thailand, and Tibet).

Aside from travel, I spend LOADS of money on beautification. My second home is a high-end salon, where I get regular skin, body, and hair treatments. Sometimes my fingernails are long, and sometimes they are medium-length, but I always get the most pampering, moisturizing manicures and pedicures. And my long, beautiful blond hair is very high maintenance! I get deep conditioning treatments each time I have my roots done, and buy only the best hair and skin products the world has to offer. I soon plan to undergo full-body laser hair treatments, so that I am constantly soft and smooth. I also spend TONS on makeup, particularly lipstick!

I am going to use my Wallet Domme financial domination lines in conjunction with all of my other money-making methods to continue to live a life of luxury, learning, passion, and fun! I just have this part of me that needs to not concern myself with you at all, which brings us to where we are right now. Prepare to be USED and ABUSED until it’s time to be discarded.


Call now using the button below for ruthless financial domination:

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You can also dial direct: 1-800-863-5478 ext. 10030373