silly slaveboy makes $500 club

So I went and hung out with my guy friend last night, and came home at around 10:30pm to maybe take a couple calls. Turns out I had an e-mail on Niteflirt from one of my French boyz: “Hello Goddess Lycia !!…”

Well shit, you might as well just say “Rape my wallet, Goddess Lycia!”

He was watching a bunch of my fetish videos… he has all the old ones that I’ve since stopped selling, such as “Leather Boot Seduction” and “Objectification.” And basically, we were having a simple conversation via the Niteflirt system, in which my (very brief) replies kept becoming more and more costly.

financial domination
financial domination
money slavery
money slavery

The silly slaveboy kept getting more and more desperate as his funds gradually dwindled. I thought he was getting desperate for permission to orgasm (when English is their second language, you can’t always tell wtf they are getting at), but he was actually getting all worked up about my leaving him alone once he ran out of funds for the day.

Well it happened really quickly. He says in France that they have daily, weekly, and monthly limits on their credit cards, and he will have more to give me on Monday. And once his funds for the day ran out, well I was ready to go to sleep in my beautiful, comfortable, canopy bed.

He begged to be able to remain in My Divine Presence (he even called it that), but I was just like “no.” Then he replied with, “OH i’m SSOOO sad and desperate now !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!………….”

My emotional response to that is glee. I am not annoyed at the neediness, and I do not feel pressured. Additionally, I don’t feel bad for taking all his money and then leaving him all alone. Instead, I feel happy at the knowledge that there’s yet another slaveboy all hard and drippy and desperate and obsessed, all because of my beauty and power. I drink it up, my sweetnesses.

I’ll be around today for more fun.

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