$500 in One Shot from Mai

Welcome to The $500 Club, @WeakMai!

After it paid, I had it go on cam and diddle for an hour in front of everyone on its chaturbate page! You can find it there diddling often for meager tips.

And I admit, Mai was hypnotized when all of this happened. It had listened to my Goddess Lycia file “The Devil’s Breath,” and when I publicly used the POWERFUL trigger contained within that session, my suggestible little sissy somnambulist could not help but to obey my every order.

It was lots of fun, and tons of other financial fetishists, hypno fiends, and exhibitionist sissies were quite jealous. *giggles*

Remember, YOU, TOO can be featured on this special Wallet Domme blog if you make The $500 Club, which means you tribute at least $500 to me within one day!

Ta-ta for now~

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